Spanish Culture and Communication IV-Honors
In this Upper Level Honors course, students will be exposed to many different forms of written and spoken Spanish through the study of poems, short stories, newspaper articles, along with radio and television broadcasts. This course will explore the history of all Latin American countries and will focus on the geography, the politics, the economic situation, the arts and social life in our Hispanic world today. Current events will be analyzed in the context of the historical past. This course will focus on reading, writing, listening, and communication in the Spanish language. 

 Semana del 26 de octubre

Lunes      -  Estudia - prueba del vocabulario Capítulo 3-4, miércoles, 28 de octubre

Martes     -  Estudia - prueba del vocabulario Capítulo 3-4 mañana

Miércoles -  No hay tarea

Jueves     -  No hay tarea

Viernes    -  Examen del Capítulo 5-6 el martes, 3 de noviembre