Ogden, Denise

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Ms. Jandoli in Japan

Hi, my name is Mrs. Ogden and this will be my ninth year teaching at Bernardsville Middle School. This school year, I'll be teaching Math 6 and Math 7. I look forward to guiding each and every student through the wonderful world of mathematics! I am here to help you succeed in math. If you are ever having difficulties, please let me know as soon as possible. I want this to be the most successful year that you have ever had in a math class. I also want you to enjoy it. MATH really is FUN! I promise to give you 100% every day. This means that I will ALWAYS teach to the bell, NEVER give you busy work, ALWAYS return assessments in a timely fashion, NEVER test you on material that we have not learned and, ALWAYS respect you. In return, I expect the same respect and strong work ethic from you. Together, let’s make this the BEST year!